Ace Fanning Photography



It’s one of those things… you’re really excited about the idea of doing your senior pictures, but at the same time, you’re nervous. That’s kinda your life right now though… you’re excited to graduate, until people start hounding you about what comes next, then all the nerves kick in. I’ll be honest with you, your life right now is weird. Everyone, especially yourself, wants you to be an adult… but at the same time, you would never make your own doctors appointment and you still get nervous calling in a to-go-order at Pei Wei. I’m 29 years old and I still make my wife ask for ranch if the waitress forgets it— if you think life gets a whole lot different at this point, just know it doesn’t… people just get better at pretending they have their shit together.

That was a weird random tangent, but I think something that should be said.

Before I got to talking about your current life-crisis, I was talking about this. Your senior pictures. A lot of people have told me over the years, “I avoided doing senior pictures because I’m awkward!” Which is funny, because awkward is easy for me. If I’m being an open book, it’s the people who think they are amazing in-front of a camera that make my job difficult… becaaauuuuuse, snapchat doesn’t make you a model. It’s the people who always think they will be terrible in pictures who I always feel like I create my best images with.

I want to make you feel comfortable— but even more, I want to make you feel like a total bad ass. High school is hard, friendships in high school are even harder and sometimes, or maybe all the time, everyone is annoying. Sounds cheesy, absolutely, but I just want to give you a day, dedicated to you, looking and feeling your best. I want to give your parents and grandparents pictures of you, to freeze this time for them (because believe it or not, they are actually insanely upset about you leaving) and pictures they can cry over when you leave home (because TRUST me… you turn into a saint once you’re out of the house and they forget about your sometimes-maybe-all-the-time bad attitude).

That’s enough rambling. I just want this to be fun.