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When you think, “family pictures,” you don’t think, “Gee whiz, that sounds like a blast of a time!”

I am a photographer and there is nothing I hate more than being in pictures.

Typically, they happen to fall on the one day of the year that everything goes wrong— like your kid is sick, your husband has lost all ability to do anything but sit on his ass and ask you where his socks are that you set out so he wouldn’t miss them and of course, someone left the car on empty and you have to stop for gas or you will never make it. “GET IN THE CAR NOW OR SO HELP ME GOD!”

It’s like clockwork. Every single time.

I’ve been doing this for ten years, I know how it goes.

I can’t control the mayhem that precedes your session, but I can make sure that from the second you get out of the car (assuming no one was murdered along the way)… everything else will be taken care of.

I am a control freak and I promise you, in this situation, that’s great news. I want to take the pressure off you— and put all of it on me. It sounds stupid— I want to capture your family looking their happiest, but even more so, I want to provide you an experience that actually makes you happy when you look back on it. Could you even imagine? Looking back on family pictures and it being a memory you cherish… that’s my goal.

All you have to do is enjoy these people you call your family and try not to kill them.

I’ll handle the rest.