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I started photography 10 years ago— and I was absolutely terrible— imagine one of the worst photographers you have ever seen— I was even worse than that. At one point, I would spend a tremendous amount of time Photoshopping rainbow overlays into babies eyes, because, art… obviously. I shot everything in aperture priority, but literally had no idea what aperture even was. I used to do every session with a flash mounted on my camera and aimed to bounce…. but like… off what? What the fuck was I bouncing my flash off? The sky? I was literally so stupid. Nothing ever made any sense— but at the time, I thought I was killing it. Oh wait… the worst part… it took me a good 4-5 years of doing all the stupid shit before I really started to figure out photography more. I promise you… I have made every mistake you’ve made, plus some, and I’ve made you look like a God damn Annie Leibovitz in comparison to me.

During my artistic phase (which sounds a hell of a lot better than what it actually was)— I remember I would try to reach out to other photographers and just ask questions aaaaannnd crickets… every single time. I wasn’t asking super long-winded questions, simple things like, “What lens did you use for this shot?” I mean, it was before the days of instagram and I had to email them and maybe it was too much to email back, either way…. I felt alone and it sucked. I’ve been where you are now— and I get how bad it sucks.

I’ve been completely self-taught over these past 10 years and the only way I know how to learn is to try, do it absolutely wrong and horrible, fail miserably and learn from all those freaking mistakes. I can’t promise you a future of zero failures— that wouldn’t be fun— but I want to help you avoid some of the epic failures I made along the way.

I’m not looking to make you me— that would be so fucking boring.
I want to work with you to kill it at your own game.