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Let's call it.... natural, but elevated.

If you never wear any make-up, you don’t want to show up wearing drag make-up. Even if you normally wear a good amount of make-up, we don’t want you showing up looking full drag. We want you to look like your natural-self, just slightly elevated. Bronzed and neutral colors with a nice glow will keep you looking natural and refreshed. Your make-up will definitely feel heavier than usual, but it shouldn’t look like it.



Dark eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. To be really honest, eyeliner is something we wish we could get everyone to break-up with. Whoever said eyeliner helps to bring attention to your eyes must have been blind, because eyeliner ages you and takes away from your eyes. We want to open those bad boys up and show them off. Best tip: using an eye-shadow in place of an eyeliner will help keep your lines natural but still add that depth you are looking for in your eye make-up. Aaaand the only group who I think really pulls off dark eyeshadow is raccoons.



Listen, we aren’t saying “natural, but elevated,” and then telling you to highlight and contour your face like James Charles— that would be terrifying, BUT we do want your face to have a bit of dimension. A little bit of highlighter and bronzer is the perfect way to bring dimension to your face. Natural light photography can tend to wash out a bit of your make-up— which is why we encourage this so much. Here’s a make-up video for anyone who is interested.



That is the question. Every eyelash is different— we love both the individual lashes and strips, but the more natural the better. I promise you, in 15 years, people will be laughing at some of the lashes people are sporting these days. False eyelashes are a great way to open up the eyes— but only if you feel comfortable putting them on and even more comfortable wearing them. It’s normal for false eyelashes to take a few minutes to feel normal, but if you’re going to spend your entire shoot not feeling like yourself— they aren’t worth the hassle.



Please dear God, take care of your chapped lips. The week leading up to your session— whenever you brush your teeth, do a gentle brushing over your lips to help exfoliate any dead skin off and sleep with a layer of vaseline on to help moisturize. In regards to your actual make-up, you’re going to need a lip color. Nude lips are the worst thing you can do, because natural light photography washes out color… but we also don’t want you showing up looking like you did when you were 12 going to see Taylor Swift’s Red Tour. Find a color that helps accentuate your natural lip color— trust me, you’ll thank us.





Straight hair is the worst thing you can do to yourself for your session. There is a big difference between what looks good in person and what looks good in camera. Straight hair gives you a personality of a rock. Loose curls, waves and a bit of volume brings your face to life and allows for a lot of movement! Make sure not to pull your hair back from your face— allow it to frame that beautiful mug. Oh, and please… brush out those curls, we said loose curls, not ringlets.

PS- Make sure to use the right products for your hair— you don’t want it completely falling flat halfway through your session.


What’s the likelihood that anyone will read this portion of our website? Slim to none, but I think it’s worth mentioning. For guys, of all ages— the one suggestion we really want to make is using products that won’t leave your hair looking shiny, crispy or greasy. Adding texture and volume to my own hair is the only thing that allows you to stomach looking at me (without it, it’s bad). Textured or salt sprays work wonders. Think it over… tell me I’m right later.


Just like moms, curls work in just the same way. Use hairspray to try and tame flyaways. For younger girls, who are maybe going through that awkward uneven hair phase of life— piggy buns or ponytails on top of their head is always a crowd pleaser. Make sure to not pull their pony straight back— whenever they are photographed straight on, it will look like they have no hair.



Maybe you are more of a visual learner— don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We put together a few looks that we think would look great for your session.