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Life is changing.

And it doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or your sixth (I used sixth because I am the sixth child and as a sixth child, we need more recognition)— life is changing. This could be the very start of your family, the final member to join your family or somewhere in-between… it doesn’t matter, they all need to be remembered. I’m not a used-car-salesman— if you’re reading this, you likely have already decided what you want photographed— I’m not looking to sell you on anything. I’m not completely sure of the reason behind writing this, maybe it’s my way of assuring you that whatever you decide to do— you’re justified (but if we’re being real, you don’t need my dumb ass to do that for you).

Leading up to my birth, my parents had five girls. They were the "all-girl-Fanning-family.” I don’t know that family, but for two years, that was them. When I finally came along— they just became the family who doesn’t understand birth control (kidding)— we became the family with five girls and one boy— or, the Fanning-family-of-8. In order to make a new family construct, the other must be retired. This is probably a really good time to mention that I find way too much meaning in absolutely everything and I make mountains out of mole-hills all the time. Buuuut think about it, one day, my family was an all-girl family and the next day, that identity changed.

This is the last time it will ever just be you and your husband. This is the last time it’s just the three of you. This is the last time you are a family dominated by girls. This is the last time you may ever be pregnant. And I don’t think a single one of those is more important than the other.

I just want you to remember this time, no matter which time it may be….