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I once officially quit photography six times in one year… unofficially, 1,638 times.

Being in the creative field is one tough bitch. You put your heart out there with hopes people love it— and no matter how many times you say, “I love it and I don’t care what anyone else says!” You really give a whole big bag of shits what other people think. It’s impossible to not feel this way.

This mentoring session is a FULL day completely catered to you and your journey. We don’t need to waste time on information you don’t need: you aren’t walking into a pre-programmed mentoring session— I treat every session different.

Every full mentoring session includes a live shoot— because I am someone who definitely learns best hands-on and I want to make sure I give this to you. I also believe that live shoots are one of the best ways for me to see some weak-spots you may have that you maybe don’t even know. So… no matter how much you may beg, you can’t ever get out of it. A full session is the biggest investment and the longest day of your life (get your sleep) but it’s equivalent to a Disneyland Fast Pass on crack.

This may sound corny or cheesy or maybe like something you think I just say… but I am so fucking excited for you right now.




If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you know my work. And if you know my work— you’ve probably (or at least I hope so) noticed my ability to work with sun flare. It’s actually become a signature part of my style— but I can’t tell you how long it took me to finally get to that point. Well… I can. It took one day. But it took five years of struggling and whining leading up to that day.

You see— I was just like the people who comment on my photos on instagram: “How do you get the sun to just perfectly come into the frame like that?” I would envy the work of others who could do it well… I was ready to cut some achilles. For FIVE years I would go to sessions and I would try and fail and fail and fail and fail. Finally, one day I went out with one goal— sun flare. It wasn’t a session where I was trying to implement sun-flares, it was a session solely intended for them. By the end of that day— I was so far gone from the idiot I was the day before.

Sometimes, we just need to focus.

These 90 minute focus sessions are intended to deep dive into one area that you are struggling the most in. Let’s put all of our energy and time into correcting this problem area, then let’s cross it off your list.

You pick the area of focus— I kick your ass.




Have you ever been on a walk at night around your neighborhood and you happen to pass by a house with all their blinds open and you can’t help but look inside? Of course you have, we all have.

We aren’t being creepy— we aren’t stalking or anything like that— we just love to see what other people are doing for dinner, or what they watch on tv (I really hope you aren’t reading this thinking I am so creepy). I think the same thing about photography.

We are all so different— we do all do things so differently— and getting to be a fly on the wall at someone else’s session can be so eye-opening. Sometimes it feels just good to know that we aren’t the only one whose sessions feel like a total shit-show, sometimes its inspiring to see a new approach to an old problem and to be honest, sometimes its nice to just see what we don’t want to do.

Come watch me in my natural element— with a real-life client. Set your camera down for an afternoon and just soak up the experience.

I always make sure to set aside some time at the end of every fly on the wall session for a few questions— so you’re like a fly, but a really intellectual fly who has the ability to communicate.