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I fell in love with my wife when I was 15… she was 14, and she couldn’t stand me. To be fair to her, I still don’t know if she can stand me— but she’s in it for the long haul at this point.

I’m not a wedding photographer. And that’s probably the most alarming thing you can hear from someone who you are contemplating hiring to photograph your wedding, but please… allow me to explain. I have a lot of friends who are wedding photographers (if you want their names, I’ll give them to you) and their weekends are jam packed with weddings— sometimes double headers and I’ve even seen them pack THREE into a holiday weekend… standing next to them, I feel exactly as I do at the gym— inadequate. Weddings cannot be my primary source of income— I can’t depend on them to make my year-end goals, because I can’t shoot them like my friends do. I believe the weddings I am meant to shoot will find their way to me. I believe there are weddings I am meant to be at— not because of a paycheck, but because I am meant to know these couples.

I am someone who gets overly invested in things— I just whaled in the car watching the final episode of Orange is the New Black, not because it was sad (no spoilers) but because I am just sad to say goodbye to my friends in prison. I’ve yet to photograph a wedding where I didn’t cry— because by the time you are in-front of my camera on your big day, I am all-in. On your wedding day, there is ONE person you will see more than anyone else— me. More than you will see your lover, your parents, your family, your friends— you will see me— and I take that very serious. On your big day, you should be surrounded in positivity and people who love you and who are rooting for your happiness— I can’t just be another vendor, it’s not in my personality.

I am not here to sell myself to you— I am simply here to tell you who I am. Whether it includes me or not, I want your wedding day to be everything you ever dreamed of.

Your friend,